Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Ok. This is how it was. I went a walk with my pal. We've not seen each other since Sunday, so we were talking. Things had happened so there was stuff to discuss. And the dog was distracting. We'd walked to the head of the glen and were contemplating walking right round the head of it and up the far side to return to the cars by the longer route when the rain came on, driving in our faces. This was unpleasant, so we turned and walked back down, the rain at our backs. Still talking.

The afternoon was unremittingly dreich, and I'd forgotten all about photos. I've taken just about everything there is to photograph in the glen anyway. Just as we got back to the cars, I remembered. The snatched pic is a confusion of pallid fawns and greens, with dark water in the pool under the road. It was incredibly boring. So I've fiddled with it - saturation, shadows, definition.

There. Confession over.

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