Bowood 2014 #2

Bowood House and Grounds opened for the year on this day and I went along to see what was up, and get introduced to the new animals at Tractor Ted's Little Farm.

The stars of the show were two rescue Shetland ponies from the Blue Cross. They had planned to have Button and Smarties but they had contracted an illness and weren't available, so these two had come instead, and there was a competition for the visitors to name them.

There were also two ewes with a lamb each, one male and one female; three piglets from the same litter born on New Year's Day, but mixes of three different types; and two Aberdeen Angus calves. I got pictures of all of these but will probably blip other photographs of them in the fullness of time.

I walked across the Grounds and down the hill until I was above the lake and sat on a bench with reading and writing matter, listening to the birds and watching a buzzard circling on the far side of the lake. As I walked back I noticed a cock pheasant running across the ground and as I followed it I then spotted a hare sitting in the grass. It lolloped off when it saw it had been discovered, but I crept up closer to it, shielded from sight by a tree trunk, and snatched this one shot before it made its excuses and left.

11.4.2014 (1352 hr)

Blip #1229
Consecutive Blip #91
Day #1468

Lenses: Pentax 17-70 mm, 55-300 mm

Bowood series
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Al Green - How Do You Mend A Broken Heart (live on Later With Jools Holland, 2007)
Al Green's distinctive interpretation of a Bee Gees song.

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