By JLindenMSYP

Sparkle with a Story

Slowly but surely on the come down from a whirlwind high. Finding it difficult to express in words just how amazingly awesome the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards experience truly is.

I feel really privileged to know some of the incredible young people who were nominated and of course to be a member of an award winning team.

As the project leader for the project that we won our Sunday Mail Young Scot Environment Award with. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a group - North Lanarkshire Youth Legacy Ambassadors who are so brilliant at what we do.

We are so excited about the next chapter of our projects journey and to see people enjoying our finished project that will be there for future generations to enjoy for years and decades to come.

All the while we are being kept on path by "Lives Lighthouses" Kirstin and Gillian from North Lanarkshire Council. Who are both amazing support staff as well as friends.

My Blip today highlights observations from the Awards itself.

Really? I know what you must be thinking.

These earphones are a gorgeous gift from my Awards night goodie bag. Stunning momento.

The Gold Finish and Swarovski Crystal on the earphones depict just how glamorous and glitzy the evening was and the sparkle at the centre of the Crystal is the most important of all.

The incredible young people, the thirty three inspirational finalists. Who shine brightly and sparkle every day of their lives.

But also the ability to hear with the earphones and as one Young Person said "Listen up Scotland. Change has to happen."

I'm confident that with inspirational, incredible and every other word beginning with I that describes Scotland's Young People. We will help shape a brighter and better future for generations to come.

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