Desperately seeking

By clickychick

My Magnolia!

Following on from yesterday's blip, here was my main purchase of the day.

Last year my neighbour decided to build a wall around his garden to keep out flood water. That involved him cutting through the roots of my malus. He knew it would damage the growth and offered a replacement if it died. A gale blew the unbalanced tree over and we have left it until now to let the birds perch in it near our feeding station.

Yesterday my neighbour suggested a price for compensation and I went shopping with my half-price voucher at the garden centre. I couldn't easily use it for yesterday's blip as it was in the car until today.

I am so excited, I have always wanted a Magnolia soulangeana. In between the showers I nipped out to try some shots of it.

After all that we had Chippy round for the evening to have a meal and watch part two of The Hobbit. Scary! The movie that is!

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