... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park Snow Geese

Littler-looking in large ("L").

I visited Mr. first thing in the morning, and he seems much better: he's still limping, but is putting weight on his leg and stamping about in a pretty unfussed sort of a way which is brilliant! Phew.

AND, I had a wonderful time at Saint James's Park: I had no idea that they have such a wonderful collection of waterfowl! I was on a pelican mission (...), but was amazed by all the different sorts of geese and ducks there. As well as the usual suspects (coots fighting, mallards chasing, tufted ducks diving, Canada geese honking, greylags looking affronted, swans swanning) there were pochards (both normal and red-crested), a great-crested grebe, and Egyptian geese with some teenage-looking patchy goslings (eee!). AND they have exotic anatids: bar-headed geese (I've just been studying them and their high-altitude adaptations, and had never seen them before!), barnacle geese (they are so adorable: I almost blipped a pair...), these snow geese (sigh), red-breasted geese, and ruddy shelducks (which behave very like Egyptian geese, to which they're closely related...).
The pelicans were (of course) impressive, but seemed (almost) dull by comparison.

Oh, and I had no idea that the marathon was on until just before setting off this morning (oops).

p.s. The Shard from "More London" (by Town Hall)

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