... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Coot: Reflections

I've just back blipped a picture of the South Ken. pedestrian tunnel for yesterday's blip, and also described the new "Sebastião Salgado: Genesis" exhibition taking place at the NHM; please take a look if you've a mo.

Today's picture was taken at about 9:15AM when the sun was still out: the day started off with patches of beautiful sunshine, but has reverted to drizzly greyness... I visited Eagle Pond to check on the Goosle situation: still no goslings, and only Mr. Goosle was in sight. My mother checked in on them yesterday ("gosling watch"), and saw Mrs. Goosle out and about before 9AM so perhaps her routine is getting earlier with days now starting off more brightly...

I took photographs of Mr. Goosle, but am blipping this coot because I anticipate rather a few photos of Egyptian geese in the coming weeks... The coot was in front of the island on which Mrs. Goosle is nesting: the shapes in the background are actually parts of the fallen-over tree in which she is nesting. It now leans at such an angle that its branches reach down towards the water and many are partially submerged.
The coots and moorhens were being very truculent today; this was the calm before the storm between the storming coot battles...

p.s. See its glowing eye in large ("L")

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