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By Chamaeleo

South Kensington: Tunnel Lights

Back blip.

I went to the "Sebastião Salgado: Genesis" exhibition at the NHM last night; it was absolutely fantastic. Sebastião Salgado travelled the world for eight years seeking out the least spoiled corners of the world, photographing nature, landscapes, and indigenous communities that still live according to their traditions (and which have a much smaller impact on the environment than most of us do).
It was a fascinating and eye-opening exhibition: his photography is masterful and hugely varied with spectacularly timed wildlife photographs, beautiful and calm portraits, and vast landscapes with splendid light. He photographed the everyday and the ephemeral, and all the while I was left with a sense of wonder at the scale of his explorations and the world. The photographs were moving: many of them were hypnotic in their attention to detail and the crispness of the resulting images.
I found it overwhelming because there was so much to see, and I found it impossible not to be transported by his photographs and felt immersed in the environments he'd captured.
I'd highly recommend it: I was there with a friend for 1hr 45 minutes, and felt as though we could have taken more time towards the end. I'll be going back!

My photo is of the pedestrian tunnel in South Kensington: they've recently changed the backlit bill posters, and these ones cast colourful light which reflected off the curved surfaces and floor rather appealingly.

p.s. If you look in large ("L"), the mirror I photographed last week is clearly visible on the curved wall towards the back of the image... The water that flows from behind it has stained the wall below in a rather "urban grime" sort of a way.

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