A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Suprise Re-UNI-on

The University contingent all made our way into London town on a covert operation of surprising Jimbo for his Birthday weekend.

I met with Spikey & Clare at Waterloo, we had a little dinner, a good catch up & begun the festivities with some drinkies. We then made our way to the Docklands, via St John's to pick up Mike, Jenny & Alex, to lay in wait for Jimbo & Bekki. Our little surprise fiesta went off a treat & after some mingling we made for Covent Garden & Roadhouse to get our night out under way.

We had a fun time & the live band really got us going. With an early start tomorrow, time flew & I had to take off. This then led to my second, wholly more sobering adventure of the night. With Embankment tube closed from who knows when, known by few & far between, & with my 1am train home leaving me behind, I had the privilege of mooching my way to Victoria, along the London Marathon route up to Buckingham Palace, to catch the next train home at 4am. Well, with my phone battery quickly dying & the fear of falling asleep at any moment, I wandered around aimlessly, taking in the interesting night scenery, until a 3am train to Three Bridges provided a viable alternative.

Flash forward an hour & I awake suddenly, flustered & completely disorientated, slumped in the same position dozed off in shortly after the train departed Victoria. I quickly work out I've arrive at the end of the line, which thankfully is my destination, & jump off the train moments before it leaves the station. Cold & tired, I then waited for Jenny to kindly come & rescue me, & it was finally bed time at 5am.

Ah, what a night!

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