A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Pirates! In an Adventure with Sunken Land Rovers!

Both bleary eyed, Jenny & I had an early start & hit the road on a beautifully sunny, spring day to Whitstable, Kent, to spend the day with my Dad & step mum Jenny in celebration of Dad's Birthday tomorrow.

We had a delightful 3-course lunch in a classy hotel overlooking Tankerton seafront, & rather stuffed & feeling a lot more with it, Jenny & I wandered to Whitstable town centre via the harbour. It was a gorgeous day, & there were many people enjoying the beach, the views & a perfect, chilled Sunday.

We spotted many cheerful & picturesque sites on our little stroll. We did also happen upon an almost completely submerged Land Rover just of a jetty, with two men sitting on top of the bonnet clearly attempting to orchestrate a rescue attempt. In the short time we waited there, laughing, chatting, watching & obviously taking pictures, much like everyone else, two further off road vehicles arrived to try & save the day. As we wandered off again, we did hear shouts coming up from the beach that the ropes brought to help weren't long enough... & we never did find out whether the Land Rover made it, as we trekked back in land on our way back. It was a lovely sunny day though, so any sad faces wouldn't have lasted too long!

We relaxed in Dad & Jen's newly decked back garden for the rest of the afternoon, catching some rays & supping cold drinks. It really was stunning & proper taste of summer.

A lovely day, a fun & eventful weekend & quite wisely, an early night to finish it off.

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