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Advent Blip - Day 16

Our daughter is just Ex-Vee just now but will be Ex-Vee-Eye at the start of March. Not only has this come around far too quickly, it's something that I become acutely aware of how quickly she is growing up after events like last night.

Hez is turning into a fantastically confident and well rounded young lady, but last night I had a rare glimpse back to what it was like when she was just Daddy's wee girl...

Mrs Delphwynd and I were catching up with a movie downstairs when I could hear some loud thumping going on upstairs. Heather had been in a shower and I just thought it was her usual hash-bash self getting organised. It repeated a couple of times and I was about to suggest to Mrs D it might be worth her investigating (it was a good bit in the film and I was dead comfy) when the phone started to ring. It's always a different sort of ring when it happens at this time of night - 11:35pm - and it snaps you out of relaxation PDQ. Mrs D picks up the phone next door and I could hear her telling someone not to panic, to calm down and she'd be there just now. It was Heather calling on her mobile...

It turns out she'd been in the bathroom upstair and somehow leant against the door in such a way as the latch had become jammed. No amount of shoogling from either side would release it, so we tried taking off the handle and seeing if we could manually free the catch. It wasn't budging.

We spent another few minutes fiddling about with this and it was becoming obvious it wasn't for opening. And the joking with Heather that she might have to sleep in the bath or that we'd slip some wafer thin ham under the door for her to eat weren't calming her down any. She was getting herself a bit panicky so I decided it was time to force the door. It took a couple of full body blows and a couple of more well placed kicks to get inside but eventually, with the door splitting almost in two, it came away from the door jamb, and Hez was free.

At this point she was inconsolable and in floods of tears and it took copious amounts of hugs to calm her down. Euan just thought it was all hilarious.

It's increasingly rare times like this that we see that she's still just oor wee lassie underneath all that teenage strop and bravado.

If I hadn't been on this Advent Series no doubt this blip would have been an image of the remains of the bathroom door...

Anyone know a good joiner?


Proximity to Christmas indicator backup: They've probably been there before today, but just noticed all the TV studios are decked out with all of their Christmas trees - Christmas idents and endlessly repeated trailers can't be far away now...


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