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Eat, Sleep, Repeat

So far today has been pretty much a repeat of yesterday, hence the image being similar.

This time I was lucky enough to be invited up in to the cab of the crane to see how these huge beasts operate and giving a more environment portrait. The sold machine and crane equipment should've been long gone yesterday but the low loader from Serbia taking the machine away missed its ferry so it didn't happen until today. At least this shot shows how images of the same person change so much with light, situation and of course whether shown in colour or mono.

See the colour version and a few more here

Mr Dodsworth (pictured) once again obliged to be my subject and requested I email him some copies over to him.

Tomorrows blip I can guarantee will be different as its the wedding of the year of two of my good friends.

In the other new of the week, our poor Gemma is still in Hospital waiting to be released (I told you it was a groundhog day). Hopefully it will end differently with Gemma out of the hospital ready for the big day tomorrow.

UPDATE: Gemma has had to have an operation to remove the infected area on her leg, we are hoping she recovers well enough to be discharged tonight and we are all clinging on to the hope she can be at tomorrow's wedding evening do, fingers crossed for Gemwah X

Thanks for stopping and looking

Mr Bo Hingles

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