I went into our local library today to see if I could unearth any more information about my grandmother, as the Local History Society were having an open afternoon. I spoke to a very nice lady, but having explained all the circumstances, she couldn't tell me any more than I had already found out myself, so I will keep searching.

Whilst chatting with her, a man came over and introduced himself as Dave, a photographer from the local paper and he asked if he could take a photograph of us, which he duly did.

I then told him about blipping and asked if I could take a photograph of him. He wasn't very keen and said he didn't usually like his photograph taken (obviously belongs to The Photographers Who Hate Their Own Photograph Taken Club), but I eventually persuaded him. I did tell him he was allowed to smile, but I think he was rather shy!

So, I will be appearing in our local paper and Dave will be appearing on the World Wide Web - perhaps I should send him the link to this blip!

This quote is very true, but as a blipper, I like to do both!

It is more important to click with people
than to click the shutter.
Alfred Eisenstaedt : 1898 – 1995

Thank you to everyone who left a kind comment yesterday for Mr. HCB's birthday - he had a good time at cricket and when he got home I cooked him a lovely meal to finish the day. I apologise for lack of commenting on your journals at the moment.

I contacted Estelle's daughter yesterday and received the following news from her:

Mum's doing well...spoke to dad earlier. ..she's stringing a few words together and a sentence here and there....great news....but she still gets confused and stuck on words but she's getting there. Dad sounds really tired - he doesn't sleep much as he worries about mum..they will get there though!

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