Dyrham Park

You may remember a year or so ago I was interested in a property up for auction called The Nook. I blipped it a couple of times in 2013, but in the end was not able to bid for it. According to the agents it was bought by a couple who were going to renovate it and have it as their home. I drove past it on my way to Dyrham Park and stopped to take a surreptitious shot from the roadside as I could see that work was now well underway.

When I arrived at Dyrham Park I asked where the deer were, and was sent off to a part of the grounds that I had not been to before and which afforded tremendous views of the countryside spreading towards Bristol, some way away. I found the doe herd, with one alpha male among them, and got a lot of shots so that, as always, choosing one was a huge challenge. It was also the first opportunity I'd had to try out the new rear converter on the 55-300 lens, and the blip I have chosen was taken with it, hand held at its maximum zoom.
I sauntered down towards the house, and found the Old Lodge Buildings along the way. They contained amongst other things a beautiful collection of vintage farm wagons. Shortly after reaching the house, a shuttle bus arrived and took me up the winding hill back to the top and my car.

16.4.2014 (1953 hr)

Blip #1236
Consecutive Blip #98
Day #1475

A Buck Among The Does
I Thought I'd Moved On, But The Deer Had Other Ideas...
Tree Landscape
Farm Wagon
Above The House

The Nook (2013-2014) (Flickr set)
Dyrham Park, 8 April 2014 (Flickr set)

Lenses: Pentax 17-70mm, Pentax 55-300mm x 1.4 converter

National Trust series

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