Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Ming Vase Reflections at The Burrell

I walked over to The Burrell at lunchtime, to hear* one of the Curators give a talk about this Ming Vase. It is on loan from the British Museum for a few weeks. A Chinese porcelain flask, with lotus scrolls and mushrooms shapes, in cobalt blue. It is dated 1426-1435, and has six Chinese letters, indicating the period when Xuande was emperor.

I liked this shot best, a hint of the vase and the reflections of the Inner Courtyard in the display case. You can just see a glimpse of the Warwick Vase, and windows of one of the three reconstructed rooms of Hutton Castle, where Sir William Burrell lived.

As to the state of the building, the upper floor is completely closed and a selection of the paintings is in the temporary exhibition space. Many of the tapestries have been removed, and there are still some buckets around collecting water. Renovations are planned from 2016.

*hear - well I struggled to hear, didn't catch everything sadly.


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