By carliewired

Wednesday in Salmon Arm

A setback for the
weather again today, as
it tried to rain often.

~ carliewired

This was another painting session in Salmon Arm today. It was not the greatest weather. Rain threatened most of the day. Skies were gray and overcast. Temperatures are still a bit chilly.

I took a photo across Shuswap lake to Canoe Point when I stopped at a pullout to answer my cell phone. The gray day did not allow the colours of spring to shine through.

I worked on a landscape today. I have some photos I've taken in Kamloops. I used one of a sunset over the Thompson River as my reference. Not so sure it's done. I'll let it stew for a while. Working with acrylics allows me to go back later and make changes if I wish.

When I finished with the painting group at 4 PM, I drove down close to Shuswap Lake where it meets the city of Salmon Arm. There is a great walkway provided that takes one alongside the marshlands. The area had a lot of last year's vegetation that has been dried over the many months. It looks pretty. The horsetails are emerging.

The most interesting thing I noticed was the lone Canada goose atop the osprey's perch. It is some 20 feet above the marshland on a slender pole. Last year I watched a pair of osprey nesting there. For some strange reason the Canada goose has claimed it. I can't imagine how it might rear its young in this location.

I had to treat myself to some flowers at the grocery store on the way home. One can never have too many tulips!

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