Festive Slush

When I got up this morning, our house was in the middle of a flurry of beautiful snow, falling slowly in large white flakes. I'm still in festive mood, having just admired the tree in passing, but sadly the snow has mostly melted away to slush during the day - as seen here.

I've had a very busy but productive day. I've cleared my e-mail backlog, sorted out some tax things, done LOTS of Christmas shopping, started fixing a problem with our heating, done a bit of cleaning and tidying and made a few calls.

I had enough time this afternoon that I even managed to quite enjoy the shopping, it wasn't the usual last minute rush as I knew I still had time for more if necessary.

MrsCyclops is out at her work Christmas party tonight, so I'm going to settle down on the couch with a film (Layer Cake) and my dinner. I might even treat myself to a beer!

Now, let's see if the snow starts to settle overnight...

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