Busy as a bee

Today has been rather busy and productive.

After breakfast I dismantled my home server to give it a serious vacuum clean and to install an extra 2 GiB of RAM I've been given. When I put the side back on I noticed that the ducting to the CPU fan wasn't properly aligned to I moved it, giving a better alignment. I'm hoping the extra RAM will prolong it's useful life and the clean and better airflow will prevent it from over heating.

Once it was all put back together it was time for our bike ride. We did our current favourite loop: 02:02:48 rolling time; 43.02 km covered; average 21 km/h and maximum of 60.5 km/h on a nice downhill. Pity about the nail my better half found which caused a double puncture about half way round though. Mind you it's a change as it's normally me that finds them...

My better half made lunch: croque-monsieur, while I loaded the washing machine.

We then went over to a friend's horse paddock to fill-up 14 plastic sacks with well rotted horse manure, which we took up to our orchard to put two sack loads round each tree and do some weeding and make sure the trees are all okay.

Today's blip is the blossom on one of the trees. The plums had pretty much finished flowering - like the ones in our garden - but the apples were either in full bloom or about to come into full bloom. Everything was looking good and happy - though we will have to modify the cages of the plum trees as they are now too small. Sadly we can't leave them without protection or the deer will strip them in the winter and we won't have any trees come spring...

On returning home the laundry has gone outside to dry - it's nice and breezy though not full sun on at the rear of the house. I now think it's time for a cup of tea and a rest.

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