such, such were the joys.

By Chaps100

Good Friday.

Another day of revision I'm afraid. But I did go into Littlehampton with my Mum to get an ice-cream (I think she did it to try and cheer me up a bit - I can always tell when she's trying to do that) and then we went into the amusement arcade for a bit to have a go on the grabber machines and waste a bit of money. It was really nice though, and it made such a lovely change from revision.

This evening I played in a Good Friday concert with the Edwin James Festival Choir and Orchestra - a local set of retired musicians who occasionally ask me to play with them. So far I've only played second flute as a stand in for someone who couldn't make it, but I enjoy it none the less.

Anyway, tonight we played, as our main piece, Brahms' Requiem. Which is absolutely divine. But the only problem was that you couldn't really understand any of the words (which had been translated from German to English for ease of the high average age of the choir). That was a shame. And the violins were rather out of tune. But anyway, they're doing rather well for their years. I'm genuinely in awe of the way that they've come back to music. That's what I want to do.

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