BoHingles Blips

By BoHingles

The morning....

...after the night before.

The wedding is over but the fun continues. After going to bed at 2:00am I stupidly woke up at 5:00 and by 5:30 I was outside with the camera getting the early morning sunrise, I snapped a few landscapes, some gorgeous baby lambs and the hotel itself covered in golden sun.

The fountain outside the hotel was lit by the low golden light, so this is my blip, the light was so bright I could use an exceptionally fast shutter speed to freeze the droplets. I like how the top blob of water is almost making a heart shape; this is for the newly weds :)

I'm trying to catch up here on blip, but it's been a hectic weekend so far and it's not even half way through. Gotta love bank holidays! I will get to catch up on sleep at some point too?!?!

Thank you

Mr Bo Hingles

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