Galson Graveyard

This is a view of the ancient graveyard in South Glson, looking down from a friend's croft. The graveyard itself goes back into the mists of time. There was a pre-Columban temple on this site, so that takes us back around 2000 years, and before that is anyone's guess. I have blipped the ruins of the old chapel before, which was one of the half-dozen images painted by William Daniell in his tour around the coast of britain in the 19th century. I have also blipped details for one of the historical graves, but I think this view gives a better impression of it's setting on the machair - the flat sandy coastal edge that is so typical of the Outer Hebrides. I just love this spot. Curiously perhaps, the cemetery is used by the people of the adjacent village - not this one - an the people of this village are usually interred further north - a legacy of the pre-clearance family settlement in the mid 1800's and earlier.

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