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By electricglass

Movie Therapy: Day 2

So how do I look in glasses? I'm always looking for a good pair. To this day I'm surprised at how good my vision is. Though with my genetics and seeing that most of my family does or has worn glasses, I'm just waiting for my peepers to go kaput. (I still love you Dad!)

But these glasses are 3D ones to view the seer awesomeness that is James Camerons' Avatar. I'm looking forward to seeing it again before the weekend is out.

It is a beautiful movie. The animation it outstanding. (thought it's all so real it's hard to call it animation) The story is just amazing! You really find yourself rooting for the Nav'i wanting them to kick out the parasites that are known as humans. It's a movie that is well worth the time put into it and every penny it's taken to make it a reality. Cameron has had this movie in his head since he was 15 and has been spending the last 15 years working towards making it. Even creating a filming system. The price? Still hasn't been made know. But speculation is in the neighborhood of $500mil!

Oh and see it in 3D. It was created to be seen that way and is one of the first movies that actually doesn't just make the 3D part seem like a gimmick!

Time to head to work. Thanks for checking out my blip tonight!

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