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I should maybe concoct a series of 'Outdoor Places I Have Sat In' as it seems to have been a recent preoccupation to take my work to an outdoor scenic location while the improved weather lasts. This was taken from a bench seat inside Avebury Manor gardens where I spent a constructive half-hour and took a handful of pictures.

20.4.2014 (1726 hr)

Blip #1239
Consecutive Blip #101
Day #1478

Avebury Manor Kitchen Garden
Churchyard Path

A Visit To Avebury Manor NT, 11 April 2014 (Flickr album)

Lenses: Pentax 17-70 mm, Pentax 55-300mm x 1.4

Avebury series
National Trust series
Spring 2014 series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Beatles with Billy Preston - Don't Let Me Down (recorded 30 January 1969)(Let It Be... Naked version)
Don't Let Me Down was the first fruit of the Let It Be sessions to see the light of the day, along with Get Back, as it was its B-side, released on this day, 11 April, 1969. One of only a couple of new Lennon songs it was nevertheless omitted from that album, perhaps because it already been a B-side. The version on the single had been recorded in the Apple basement on 28 January 1969. This is the version from their Apple rooftop concert two days later, re-instated to the album by Paul McCartney for the 2003 Let It Be... Naked version that had been thoroughly de-Spectorfied. As one can see in the Let It Be film, John Lennon fluffed a line in the song, and so they played the song a second time at the end of the set. This rooftop version is an edit of the two rooftop versions, with the correct line dropped into the first, otherwise superior performance.

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