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Bowood 2014 #5: Wings And Talons

Bowood arranged some falconry displays over Easter, the first being on this Saturday, though details had been difficult to get hold of prior to the event. In fact the falconer, Rob Evans, also in the dark, had been told that the event had been cancelled when he turned up. As his birds had been prepared at flying weight ready for aerial displays in the afternoon, he was not best pleased, and when I arrived at around 1515 hr the birds, standing on pedestals in the static display he had set up on the Grounds, were getting cold and hungry and wanting to fly and hunt.

On this Saturday he had brought out a beautiful Eurasian eagle owl called Chloe, a Harris hawk called Rio, a Lanner falcon called Fred and this spectacular Peregrine Barbary cross named Susie.

A Barbary falcon is a slightly smaller breed than the Peregrine falcon, and has greater energy and motivation than its larger, speedier relative. A Peregrine Barbary cross has the size of a Barbary but the speed of a Peregrine. I hadn't come across one before.

As I was walking the grounds afterwards, I disturbed a sunbathing hare.

21.4.2014 (1156 hr)

Blip #1240
Consecutive Blip #102
Day #1479

Rob and Chloe
Chloe Close-Up

Wings And Talons At Bowood (2014) (Flickr album)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Everly Brothers - Oh So Many Years (1958)
From the album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, such a beautiful tune and album that I was listening to on this day.

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