By WharfedaleBex

Groundhog Day

We added a variation to the RT routine today by choosing a different route through the hospital and being our little recalcitrant selves... opting for the comfy seats in the wrong waiting area.  Seeing the same people is making me smile more and more now instead of feeling rather low as I did on the first few days of accompanying L.

I know being with L has helped her but I do feel it has helped me to face cancer too should I ever need to.

It's L's daughter's birthday on Saturday and Holly asked me to make her a cake again this year.  I make exactly one cake per year... for Holly.  I dread the question every year for fear of a making a mess and poisoning people.  Holly loves Miranda so this is my attempt, borrowing a design I saw online.  Thank goodness for noise reduction - it gets rid of all manner of sins on cake imperfections...  Still, don't look too closely!

Holly has severe Cerebral Palsy and cannot talk, eat or move herself.  She is however, a successful member of mainstream secondary school with an eye driven computer and one-to-one support.  Her strong determination to succeed and overcome obstacles, as you can probably imagine, comes straight from her mum.

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