The Wilsons

By WendyWooWilson

Day +99. (106 days in hosp)

A lovely morning at the hairdressers (thanks Barber Brown, Broadmead), hot chocolate with the lovely Sarah, then headed back to hospital. As soon as we came in, Ponni dropped by to say she hadn't got anything new to say really but we could go out if we wanted for a bit. Clothes were immediately fetched and put on and we were out the door!!!! JJ hasn't been out since 7th Jan. So we decided to go back to see Sarah again. (Her family have been in exactly the same boat as us so I know how pleased she was to see JimJam) At this point JJ was asleep but as soon as we got to a park, she woke up and her eyes were so wide. We didn't have any smiles, but after 106 days in hospital it's going to take a bit of time getting back into the real world. Gastric nurse came by to talk about home TPN, so we can see progress and getting home is in the future. :)

JJ' s neutrophils have decreased a couple of days in a row and given GCSF, a boost to keep the cells up, but they think it's gone down to fight off infection. Tests to see how many donor cells are still around have been done so fingers crossed this isn't a problem.

Today, a good friend said a final goodbye to her mum. So whilst we've had a good day, this has been in my mind. Love to you all C. Xx

Ps. Ignore the hair, whilst trying to get our bag together I put my fingers through it several times! It was great when I left the salon.

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