Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Holme Island

The estuary from the top of the Knott was looking quite abstract with curves and blocks of colour and deep shadow. In amongst there's a scatter of birds feeding on the mudflats. It did turn into a very good sunset, but I preferred this one taken earlier of the sun reflecting in the waterlogged mud.

Gus and I went over the Knott this evening rather than along the estuary. As Wifie puts it, Gus has discovered girls. He's met two recently on the estuary walk that have been on heat, and this normally very obedient dog, has become quite distracted, furiously sniffing about and even forgetting to do the woof trees. He was particularly taken with Mabel the whippet, and it was then that we realised he didn't have his collar on and there was nothing to get hold of.

Thank you to everyone who gave stars and hearts for the bashful highlander. We shall not be leaving for Raasay for a few days yet.

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