Semi Finally

So, today's the day before. The eve of war. Tomorrow is the big implementation/go-live/D-Day/Zero Hour. And more importantly, the finals of the University Six a Side football competition. And, leaving it late in the day/the 11th Hour/The bit where 007 defuses the bomb when it has almost counted down to o:00:00, the boys from IT played their semi final today. And left the Business School with a 4-0 deficit to file away in the Issues Register of their project plan. Their Synergetic Paradigm Remodelling proved no match for a team who let the ball do the work/played the simple game/avoided Blue Sky Thinking in favour of keeping the ball on the ground and liked to think inside the Penalty Box.

And so, tomorrow, we play the Estates side who are trying very hard to break with their always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride history. Our team, in particular, have been the bride to their bridesmaid on three ... err... weddings in the last few years. And we fully intend to leave them eyeing up the best man as a poor consolation again tomorrow.

And we will put some systems live as well.

Please say if this stuff gets too obtuse...

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