By Stepram

1234 I smell a Slug war!

Well its that time of year again, the slugs are back at the Rhubarb and they have destroyed the newly planted out Broccoli.

Regular visitors will know this is not my first encounter with the slugs!

I have been out during the wet nights and rounded up as many of the little devils as I can. However its now time for the big guns. A quick walk to Morrison's yielded no cheep stout. So I have little option but to waste some of the good stuff in my traps. Not wanting to waste Ireland finest export I also plumped for some of Morrison's Finest Urine.

So now in a scientific study that would make Ben Goldacre proud I have alternated the locations of the Guinness and cheep bitter, placing the traps at equal distances from the Rhubarb and we will monitor which traps have the highest yield. One pound for four cans or £4.50 for 4 cans!

Evidence of the atrocities to follow, unless PETA intervene.

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