Saucer Bug

The Saucer Bug Ilyocoris cimicioides has a flat, oval shaped body with a dark back and silvery underside created by the air bubble held there while underwater. It also has a distinctive pair of horn like front legs.

It spends much of its time hiding in dense vegetation in muddy pond shallows and is a very able predator, feasting on all manner of insects which cross its path. Its fearsome looking front legs are like a powerful and razor sharp claw. and it also has a sharp proboscis, which can puncture human skin. I can testify that this is indeed painful - when I first knew Pete he gave me one to look at without warning me that this might happen - amazing we still got together! This one came from the Great Raveley Drain next to Woodwalton Fen.

The back pain has worsened and has now triggered rather severe sciatica, so I didn't go very far today - just helped Alex with the rest of his packing and did a bit of report writing. I'm hoping the pain eases before tomorrow, when I'm driving him to Heathrow!

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