River trials for Crazy Cat

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This is a back blip from last Saturday -not to be confused with the event we are going to tomorrow! We are leaving for the Cedar Key, FL and the 30th Annual Small Boat Meet in the morning. These photos were taken 5 days ago when I went out with Steve for the first time in his new catboat he built. There was a bit of a North wind on the river - enough for us to sail, so he called me up and asked would I like to go out in the sailboat. I paddled over there right quick to take advantage of it! I wanted to have a bit of a "sea trial" myself before going out for a longer sail at Cedar Key.

Isn't it beautiful?? Sailing was fun and I only said "eeep!" a few times as I got used to how fast it can go. Steve said, "Have you had enough? Wanna go in?" I said "Nope!" I gave him my sunglasses so he could see better and we sailed around some more. It is a sturdy boat and not tippy, so of course that get a thumbs up from me! Some people like to do a lot of "hiking out" but not me and you don't do that in this boat, it's rather "beamy". Ha! here is a good site to help with those sailing terms.

I've added more photos of my first river trial of this boat here. Waving!!

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