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Sunday: Cedar Key Boat meet

I took this photo this morning as we walked around town viewing what boats were out . . . some people were getting a little more boat time in before the weekend was over. The weather started out rather overcast with a bit of rain on Friday and more on Saturday morning, so when the sun came out Saturday afternoon and also today, lots of boat meet people hopped in their boats! Steven and I planned to go home late Sunday morning to get back to our pups, so we didn't take Crazy Cat out, just walked to breakfast and then one more pass around the point to see who was out there.

This photo took on a posterized effect, perhaps because of the angle of the sun. In another version of this photo I added a bit more of the posterized effect. As Steven waded through the many photos we took, this one turned out to be one of his favorites! He even printed it out to hang in his shop, remarking to me that he wasn't printing out a photo of his boat, but instead one I took of other boats because he liked it so much.

I'd like to quote Dave Lucas of Lucas Boatworks as well, via an email he sent tonight to his many "boatnuts" because he tells a story about me at the event!
Here’s some early pictures from the Cedar Key crazy boat guys meet this weekend that Lenna took. Her pictures are always the best. Click on the two links she sent and you’ll see a whole lot of action and sitting around doing what bored sailors do. This was the first Cedar Key weekend ever to have bad weather on Saturday but by the afternoon it was cleared enough to get most of the collection out in the water.

Saturday morning was really wild and only a few of the most adventurous ventured out. Blowing hard and gusts coming over the trees and hitting really fast. The most adventurous of them all was Lenna herself. This was the first real sail of Steve’s new boat and she hates tippy boats and getting wet and yet here she was, out with Crazy Steve when only a hand full of the hundreds of boats even tried it. Both Steve and I have brand new sails and you’ll notice that we don’t need no stinking reef points. You’ll also see how these unstayed masts hold up pretty straight with these giant gaff sails. More later. Dave

: ) The links he is referring to are here for a few photos I shared of our Friday evening -a bit of what Cedar Key is like and the Saturday morning Boat Meet when it was stormy, what Dave was referring to! : )

I will try to do some back blips to fill in the holes in my blip journal . . . but Steven gave me the idea with his love for this photo and his words "you should blip this!!!" to just jump in and post this one. It always seems to work better that way, when you jump - and then grow your wings on the way down!!! Check out the map for this location, the GPS in my camera did a great job!

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