Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Millennium Stadium and The River Taff

I needed to run a couple of errands which necessitated a trip into the centre of Cardiff. I always park just outside and walk in. On passing over The River Taff bridge in the City Centre, one cannot help but be impressed by the magnificent Millennium Stadium with it's overhanging board walk and structure leaning over the Taff.

What was nice that the water bus was approaching and there were some clouds, both of which give the blip photo strong structure.

The street opposite the Stadium is Coldstream Terrace which holds very fond memories for me as a young child. My grandparents lived at the bottom of the street. With my brother, David, we spent many weekends and holidays with them and hours playing in the Taff opposite their house with two other children our age. Mike lived on the one side of them and Geoff, the other side. Early 1960's.

The house was on 4 levels and they had long term lodgers. I slept in the front room alongside the front door and used to love counting the chimes of the City Centre Clock. One of the lodgers, a Chinese man studying at the University, later became an Ambassador for China and they kept in touch until they died.

My grandfather worked for the Welsh Rugby Union. His close friend was 'uncle' Bill Clements who was secretary to the W.R.U. for many years in the hey day of JPR Williams, Barry John, etc.. I used to get a great seat for the Internationals and go and meet and eat with the players at the after match meal!

Days long gone. And the boat taxi wasn't even thought of then!

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