RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Music Man

This guy sits in the same spot, on the alley that runs by Once Patios in Pátzcuaro, and plays his accordion whether there are people near by or not. He was there when we lived for two months in Pátzcuaro during the summer of 2012 and he has been there each time we have visited since. I was sure I had blipped him previously, but couldn't find any proof of to that effect, so I felt like I should channel fellow blipper RaspberryJefe and capture a shot or two of him playing away. I have some showing more of the beautifully textured wall in the background, but thought this close-up, where the condition of his accordion is visible (especially in large), the better choice to convey the amount of music this gentleman has produced over the many years.

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