By credere

Forager's Paradise!

There's a scrap of woodland wilderness that I pass on my way to work everyday - and lately it's been so eye-catching even from across the fields with such vibrant blue carpets of bluebells!

This morning I went on a mission to find out if there was a way into those woods... and I was rewarded! I was alone among the trees and surrounded by the sounds of rustling and birdsong. It was quite hard going in some sections trying to find spots to walk on without trampling my way through the carpets of plants at my feet! Sometimes I feel so incongruous with nature...

The sections with bluebells were quite stunning in the dappled sunlight. And then I found the jackpot - a secluded area with a sea of wild garlic! Absolutely loads of the stuff!

So I picked a few leaves, went home, and made pesto of course! And had some yummy baby plum tomatoes, with the pesto and some fresh basil on toasted multigrain sourdough for lunch. Simple pleasures!

Then a bit of tidying and cleaning up, before heading off to walk into town to meet up with the Uncles, on their first visit here! Ice show this eve - excited!

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