The Tap Bar


Annual liver abusing weekend away. Ooft. You'd think we'd have learned by now. Sun was rising by the time we crawled into the teeny-tiny caravan beds after our first night catching up and putting the world to rights. A couple of rolls and square sausage and a walk down to the newly re-opened pub here and we were good to go again though.

The hotel in St. Fillans has been taken over by the Arran Brewery, who plan to open a brewery and visitor centre soon. This first venture, opening up the old bar, seems a bit half-hearted though. Only two (expensive) beers on draft, not particularly nice ones at that, and, despite the authentic fusty old style look of the place, absolutely no atmosphere. Even the dominos we tried to play to pass the time had two tiles missing. Maybe by the time the rest of the development comes along it'll be better, but we left after a couple of pints and serious hit to the kitty money. Still, it was a nice walk along the shores of Loch Earn.

A night's entertainment by a loud and energetic singer in the caravan site's own club made up for the afternoon though, good craic, cheap beer and, inevitably, plenty of it.

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