RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

An Easy Sell

In total contrast to yesterday's entry on the toughest sell on Playa La Ropa, today I bring the easiest sell in the mercado. This lovely lady sells, and presumably makes, a delicious pork dish called relleno de puerco. My understanding is that she fills this black pot with huge hunks of pork, potatoes, vegetables, and secret spices (that I can attest to firsthand) and then covers it and slow bakes it overnight. She arrives at the mercado with one and sometimes two pots which waft incredible aromas, guaranteed to attract customers from far and wide. She then scoops out the inside of a bolillo and fills it with the stewy goodness (or you can purchase by the kilo, which I have also done). It is only available while it lasts and she is not at her stand everyday, so it is a special treat to be able to buy it when the timing is right, as it fortunately was this morning.

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