By JillianD


Kelp is often washed up on the beach after storms and the first rain happened two days ago and there was kelp on the beach this afternoon. It was hot and misty, a strange weather combination, ending in a wonderful sunset. There was a dog guarding the kelp on his patch of beach, and he only allowed me one photo.
Ecklonia maxima, sea bamboo, is a species of kelp native to the southern oceans and most typically found along the southern Atlantic coast of Africa, from the very south of South Africa north to Namibia. In these areas the species dominates the shallow, (up to 8 m) kelp forests offshore. From the holdfast attached to a rock or the large holdfast of another kelp, a single long stipe rises to the surface waters, where a single large pneumatocyst holds a tangle of blades at the surface.(wiki info)

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