Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Sea kayak training session, heading out from Chanonry Point, on the Black Isle.

We've been using this spot for training for years. When we first started here, there would be roughly about a half dozen of us. In recent years, our numbers have gone up substantially. These days there's often twenty plus. The above is a small portion of bunch.

Due to television coverage, the numbers of tourists coming to see the Bottlenose Dolphins has also increased substantially - especially during the Summer holidays. The Dolphins frequently come to feed a few metres from the shore, at the point. They'll also often fool about and play - doing back-flips and so on - much to everyone's delight.

Because of the numbers of us, and tourists, we're soon going to move our venue slightly. This will mean there'll be more space in the smallish car park for the tourists, and less risk of disturbance to the Dolphins.

Approaching, or disturbing the Dolphins is illegal, as they are an endangered and protected species. That's not a problem. If they're about, we give them a wide berth. And anyway, as we're not an endangered or protected species, they're allowed to approach us! They often do. That's much more special when they come along-side us for a short while. Such a treat. Even on the dullest of days, such as a nearby Cromarty Firth trip.

We headed over to Fort George this evening. Don't remember if there were any Dolphins about or not - this is (another) way-back-Blip.

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