Craft & Life

By Aluap

Busy making.....

Made the pictured bracelets & some bookmarks from grungeboard. Made brooches from the 'Biscuits' i made a few weeks ago too. These are going to be shared out between my closest friends & delivered just after New Year.

Have been down for many months now, couldn't stand the present pressure & need to get them to people on time, so.......

Spoke with my friends, they understood & have helped tremendously by giving me space to make their presents as i promised. These are the result of many hours of peace & love.

Grungeboard is a flexible board that can be painted, inked, distressed, glittered & moulded into shapes. Great fun to work with. The bracelets will last anything from 3 to six months, depending how often they are worn. Can even be kept on when washing hands.

Here's hoping friends enjoy their presents & feel the love, peace & joy that comes with them :-)

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