This innocuous looking barley grass can kill.

It gets tangled in the fluffy fur of dogs and burrows its way into the skin, where it gets into the blood and causes havoc.

JL and I pulled a whole lot out of Harvey's fur yesterday, all the while, I was thanking God that Cousteau has short hair.

Cousteau and I had a bit of a lie-in this morning. I just feel lousy and tired and floppy. We managed to get some chores done though and then had a soggy walk at the Domain with JL and her crowd.

Now we're waiting for JL to come and take Cousteau away for a few days to stay with her. He'll have so much fun.

I'll be out of blip contact for a few days so hasta la vista.

I'm off to burn my blip subject so that it can't grow in my garden.


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