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By myangle

Another Win

I sat around all this morning and watched Kimi Räikkönen win the F1 I recorded last night. It is miserable outside. Yes, the sun is out, but it is cold and very windy.

A good day to stay indoors.

Needing a blip for the day I grabbed one of my collection of Ferraris. It is the 2003 model, and that is Schumacher driving so you will have to use your imagination. I just lay a sheet of white paper on the kitchen floor and use the sun as my lighting.

Just a fun shot for the day. I am quite pleased with it.

I did make the helmet grey and remove the number 1 from the car to give it a bit more of an authentic feel.

1/50th sec, f5.6, 200ISO, 18-55mm lens @ 55mm, Canon 350D

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