Baking without scales

We're off to dinner at friends, and husband said: why don't you bake them your apple pie as a gift this time. To explain, I helped make a cookbook in Singapore 4 years ago, a charity project, doing the food photography and photo and text editing. It turned out as a beautiful coffee table book. I've already given these friends a copy of the book and the recipe for the applepie is in there, but nobody ever dares to make it, because it does take some time to do.

We're on holiday, in a self catering but fully equipped house , on the Gleneagles grounds. But the kitchen doesn't have kitchen scales. Nevertheless I did try , doing some mental conversions and using the available teacups ;-) The result will be in the eating, but that will be much later if even happening tonight :-) I'll let you know.

Thanks very much for your comments and stars for Gilbert, the famous grouse. The statue is much larger than life and the kisses refer to one of the adverts, saying he's 'loved by everyone'.

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