Mwah, it's Gilbert, the famous one ....

We drove around Loch Tay today through beautiful scenery with snow on some of the highest peaks. And we did the Famous Grouse Experience at the end :-)
This is Gilbert, the famous grouse from scores of entertaining adverts. At the Glenturret distillery he's at least 10 times as big as life-size and by the looks of it well-kissed (loved by everyone as the advert said, though to be honest, I did notice some of the passing feathered friends may have had other ideas judging from another kind of smudges). We did taste some of the wares too. I can recommend the Naked Grouse (nothing immoral, I promise) ;-)

Thank you very much for all your comments, stars and even some faves for yesterday's rural scene, I'm so glad you liked that !

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