Mother's Day at Big Rock Garden

First of all - Happy Mother's Day all you wonderful mothers out there. (I realize that many of you are already in the midst of Monday, but it is still Mother's Day here for another hour and a quarter.)

Today I walked over to Big Rock Garden with my easel on my arm and my backpack on my back. I also carried purse and camera so I could take a photograph or two. I met Carol and Scott, another painter and her husband, along the road and they gave me a lift to the park. There were eight of us painting. Soon the rest arrived and we all walked around a bit deciding where to set up. I chose a spot very close to where I painted on Mother's Day 2012 when I painted this painting. Today I decided to do a vertical of the same spot. It was a sunny gorgeous day just like it had been in 2012. That was the year I saw the amazing humming bird in her nest... but that is another story.

So I set up and began painting around 10:30 and was finished by around 3:00. Then I walked around the park checking out everybody's work and enjoying the warmth. Where I'd been standing was in the shade and I was quite cold.

Lots of folks came to the park and enjoyed walking around visiting with the painters. There was also a tent set up where local poets read their work. And a band called the Devilly Brothers played Irish music in the pagoda that you can see in my painting. It was a lovely day.

Arvin walked over around 3:30 and we spent some time talking to everyone and then headed home to get ready to drive with Steve down to La Conner for a Mother's Day dinner with Dave and Nora. Steve treated Arvin and me which was so sweet of him. It was a delightful day.

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