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Bowood 2014 #10: New Lens

At 0912 hr on this morning the postman brought me my first macro lens, an HD Pentax DA 35mmF2.8 Macro Limited for those of you that care about such things. I only had one other prime lens, a Pentax 50mmF1.8 portrait lens that I don't use often enough as its focal length is a little too restrictive to use on its own. A 35mm lens is more versatile as it is a standard lens (on my camera it becomes 53.5mm in 35mm camera terms) and although designed for close-up work it will of course focus to infinity and can be used for all manner of subjects.

The first picture I took using it was of Fluffy, who was cross with me and hissed from the other side of the cat flap. I took pictures of moss, flowers and bloom and so forth, and of course of Smokey as soon as I returned home. After lunch I went up to Bowood and visited both the Rhododendron Walks (which has its own entrance, near Sandy Lane) and Bowood House Grounds (mainly for coffee and Victoria sponge cake, but let's not get into that) and put it through its paces. The lens will focus down to six inches but I'm not sure that these copper beech leaves are near enough or magnified enough to qualify as macro, but I couldn't resist the rich colour of them.

14.5.2014 (1348 hr)

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