By JackTheLad

Went for my usual Friday-afternoon-pint-of-lager-and-read-of-my-kindle in my usual drinking hole in Rose St. I have blipped from here before HERE and HERE and I was paying for my pint when I noticed this flag hanging to the side of the bar which was sent in from a few guys who enjoyed the service provided. I guessed the county from whence it was from but that’s all. Can you guess, without looking at the bottom of the page?
Although this flag was only designed back in 1923 the origins go back to the 13th cent as can be seen in the ermine canton section of the flag. This design indicates the ducal arms of this area of its home country and the four bars argent and five bars sable indicate the original dioceses of this district. It ia quite unusual, maybe unique, for a flag of this sort to be entirely in black and white.

It is not as it looks like it could/should be a St Mirren football club flag.

It is of course the flag of Brittany in France, but I know you all knew that.

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