By peteharper

Focus Pulling Oils, Baby

Here is a set-up of some filming I was doing today, a segment for my cookery show pilot for Stevenson College Edinburgh TV, a web-based channel that will be launching in a couple of months.

As the general audience of this channel will be poor, hungry students, a cookery show made by one of their peers seems like a good idea. I ain't no chef but I know one or two things from keeping myself alive and moderately healthy so why not, eh?

The recipe for the pilot is Greek Salad, an important ingredient of which is good extra virgin olive oil; filmed today was a brief intro to the different types of oils one should keep in the kitchen. This segment will be all done with voice overs so some more arty focus pulling and pans seemed appropriate. Also filmed today was a 'top tip' highlighting the importance of keeping ones sharp knives sharp - seems obvious but again, remember who we're aiming at here!

More shots will come as more things are filmed with links to the final edited piece when it's done :)

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