Midpoint (of a line segment)

In geometry, the midpoint is the middle point of a line segment. It is equidistant from both endpoints. It bisects the line segment.

A few years ago Igor send me a card about the "Laws of Straightness". The last lines on the card were:
"everything must be straight or else the world will explode.
Anyone who does not believe in the laws of straightness will not be saved"

I would be the first to be saved. I obey the laws of straightness at all times. When hanging out washing I am particularly fastidious about obeying the laws. My rotary clothes drier has three sections. Everything hung in each section must have the same colour pegs. The only exception to the rule being underwear and socks which each have their own colour of peg. When hanging out bedding each sheet hung on the line has three pegs. The peg at the midpoint of the line must be exactly at the midpoint or the world really will explode. I can usually get the midpoint by eye which I did this morning. Just to check I got out the tape measure......... spot on to the millimetre!!

One day I will book myself in for therapy (Unless Igor does it first).

Here is the peg which marks the midpoint of this line segment.

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