But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

A State of the Art Studio.

I was invited to our local radio station this evening, by the gentleman on the right, to take part in a programme called "Wheel Tracks." He is a motor bike nut who competed both in sidecar racing on the Isle of Man (he's a brave man) and speedway racing. His interests extend to anything that runs on rubber tyres so he devised this programme; he interviews local people and invites them to select some musical interludes. He's a talkative chap so, although he was interviewing me, I found it rather difficult to get a word in. For about an hour, we discussed how I became interested in cycling and moved on to the types of cycles that I started with; we didn't get very far as the discussion wasn't particularly well structured, I just could not keep the chap on topic; knowing him well, as I do, that wasn't at all surprising. I mustn't be too critical of him as he is "citizen of the year" for Penicuik, both a prestigious and a well merited position for him to hold

The chap on the left is the recording engineer who is explaining some of the finer points of his equipment.

The programme will be "aired" sometime in the next few weeks, I don't know the exact time (or even day), they seem to run a rather loose schedule on Crystal FM, and the station is so local that it probably won't be heard in Mbra, nearly ten miles away.

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