Doing Democracy

It is Euro Election day in the UK & the Netherlands. Tomorrow Ireland votes as does the Czech Republic. Then on Saturday it is the turn of Latvia , Malta, Slovakia and the French Overseas Territories. All the other European countries go to the polls on Sunday to choose 751 members of the only directly elected institution in Europe and the one that brings together more countries than any other Parliament in the world.

Across the content therefore, over the next four days, hundreds of thousands of volunteers from political parties will be actively doing democracy and to prove it here is George Lacey, long standing member of the Dunoon Branch of the SNP, undertaking one of the 2 hour shifts outside the Community Centre in Edward St, Dunoon.

The only party workers out and about that I have seen today have been SNP ones , so clearly "doing democracy' is still our thing even if others have fading enthusiasm for it.

Polls are open until 10.00pm in Scotland, by the way if you are reading this and haven't voted !

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